Make Dad a Tiger Paw Scratcher on Juneteenth this Father’s Day!

Tiger Paw Scratcher

This is one of my original craft ideas.

I did not see it see in a book. I did not find it in a magazine. I did not discover it in a craft store, nor on Television, the Internet or Online.

It came from my Imagination.

For years I saw what everyone else did; a piece of wood that could reach areas of your back that your arms could not. Anyone who has ever had their back itch can certainly appreciate a Back Scratcher.

This particular day I was looking to create something for the thousands of Tiger fans who passed by my vendor spot outside Comerica Park. I had been scouring the isles of a Dollar Store for inspiration when…

I saw them?!

But they didn’t look like back scratchers to me – they looked like PAWS!

From that moment on I never looked at a back scratcher the same way again. My newest brainchild was born! 🤗

Let’s celebrate Juneteenth by creating something special for Dad!

Join me on Zoom, tomorrow, Saturday, Juneteenth (6/19) at 10 AM to create your own Tiger Paw Scratcher.

The first (19) participants to respond will receive a free Tiger Paw Back Scratcher Kit (sorry, local pickup only).

Send an email to

Include in the subject line, I WANNA MAKE A TIGER PAW!

Missed out on the free kit?

No worries. Stop by your local craft or dollar store and grab the supplies listed below and join us on Zoom to make it.


  • Back scratcher
  • Black acrylic paint
  • White acrylic paint
  • Black permanent marker
  • Hot Glue Gun (optional)
  • Sand paper (optional)
  • Q-Tips
  • Cotton Ball

Once I receive your email, I will forward Zoom details. -Cheryl 🤗

May Finds

May is almost over and I’ve yet to post for the month. I had a wonderful Mother’s Day and Anniversary. We celebrated twenty-eight years of blissful marriage on the 8th and followed-up with Mother’s Day on the 9th. Cliff bought me a “She Shed” aka pop-up screen house and a “pool for two.” Of course I suggested both of them. 😌

Me with my She Shed

With no poles or screens to put together my She-Shed is a cinch to put up. It simply springs upright when removed from the included carrying bag.

It comes in (3) different sizes and is available on Amazon. The top is not waterproof but you can purchase one separately (which I did) along with side panels for shade and privacy. A great product for a “Calgon take me away” experience anytime and anyplace.

10×10 Alvantor Screen House
Adult “kiddie” Pool
Me in my Pool

I can enjoy being a kid again with this spacious “adult” kiddie pool. It’s large enough to invite a gang of up to four, yet cozy enough for just one. It too is available on Amazon. Can’t wait for the weather to warm up so I dive in!

Well May 2021 is a wrap! Happy Memorial Day! Stay well. Stay safe. -Cheryl

Got a Lamp Post?

Remember these?

Back in the day they were a thing. Homeowners had them installed to illuminate their front yard. I guess they were the precursor to today’s solar and dawn to dusk lighting.

We have one.

It used to light up our walkway but once it stopped working it was just there. We never gave it a second thought. That is until COVID…

COVID changed a-lot of things including how I viewed my lamp post. Suddenly our useless lamp post became a fun and useful member of our household.

First as a Balloon Vendor for Halloween. Then again at Christmas as a directional sign and pedestal.

Lamp Post as a Balloon Vendor
Lamp Post as an Angel and Directional Sign

All this came about as a result of me being home due to COVID-19. Much like the box that “started to look like an oven to me” our lamp post took on a whole new persona.

I have an idea for Spring and Summer this year. Any guesses?

You’ll have to stay tuned to see. 🤔

Make this unique Planter for Mom this Mother’s Day!

Inflatable Flip Flops

Supplies needed:

A pair of old jeans; a flower pot that fits inside the jeans; a live or fake plant newspaper, bubble packaging or anything else to stuff the legs; a pair of boots or shoes. I just happened to have these flip flops on hand. 😌


Stuff jean legs with stuffing materials and sit flower pot (with plant inside) into jeans. Lastly put on your shoes of choice!

I used a faux plant and bubble packaging from my many Amazon deliveries!? Mine is sitting in my front lawn. I wonder what the toes on the flip flops would look like painted? 🧐

Want the Flip Flops? Purchase them here or comment to be entered to win a pair. Good Luck!

Shipping only available in the US (sorry!)

An easy April Fools Day Prank

This idea came to me while eating a bag of chips towards the end of March in 2018. It is actually a re-post from beyond the

All you’ll need is an empty chip bag, a few sheets of paper, a glue stick and an unsuspecting victim. 🧐

1. Crumble up some paper
2. Stuff the bag with the paper.
3. Glue the bag shut and wait…
…for an unsuspecting VICTIM! 🤣

Be sure to have a real bag of chips on hand – Happy April Fools Day! -Cheryl 😌

Princess Demi’s Royal Visit

I had the honor of hosting an overnight visit for my eight-year-old niece and self-proclaimed Princess, Demi.

We decided early on that Maiah’s 2nd bedroom would be the easiest to tackle. So we adorned it with lots of greenery and curtain lights, and fashioned the headboard with a Unicorn Wall Sticker. Surprisingly, these handful of additions “magically” transformed the space into a room “fit for a Princess.” 🥰

The Royal Bedroom unveiled…

The night before I created the Brand. Princess Demi clothing , pillow cases, towels, wash cloths, slippers, foot massager, and more!

Princess Demi was amazed! She said, “People can buy MY clothing? “Where did you buy these?!

I chuckled to myself. She actually believed Princess Demi clothing existed!? That’s exactly what I wanted her to think – mission accomplished!

I did however tell her that I had made them especially for her, but that she COULD have her own clothing just like her idols JOJO and Ryan!

The real Princess Demi in her
Princess Demi Clothing
Princess Demi Slippers, Foot Massager and other “Princess Demi” Stuff.

Next came the fun!

We painted nails…
…and did our toes!
Maiah did her nails…
…and toes too!
We steamed and masked our face.
We took silly pictures using photo props!

We read books about Unicorns…

…and relaxed!
We hope Princess Demi enjoyed
her Princess stay. We sure did. 🤗

The End.

Breakfast Anyone?

Youngsters spread jelly onto their toast

In continuing with National Reading Month, Cheryl shares a book that allows kids to chop up a banana, toast bread, flip an egg, and more!

The press-out pieces within the pages inspire creativity, hand-eye coordination and imaginative play. Kids will want to Pop, Flip and Cook with this book over and over again! Makes a great gift for the young chef in your life. Grab a copy here:

Pick up a copy here: is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to (“your website name” (, or,,, or

Penny, The Royal Pup

Penny in her Royal Bed

Meet Penny.

Penny is my Grand-Puppy. Well…she’s technically NOT a puppy anymore since she turned three this month, but she’ll always be a puppy to me.

It was a toss-up between a bronzed coin and a chicken nugget when it came to naming Penny. She was just a “wee” pup, only 10 weeks old when Cliff and Maiah drove an hour and a half to pick her up from a Breeder while I, in true Kardashian fashion, shopped excitedly for the best bed, crate, dish, food, toys, etc. that money could buy!

First Pic, coming home

Ultimately Maiah bestowed the name “Penny” to the Royal Highness. Possibly because she could have her “own” money like Prince Akeem in Coming to America, but mainly because “Penny” was a cuter name than “Nugget.”

“The Royal Pup Coin”

I didn’t start referring to Penny as The Royal Pup until this year. Not certain why. It just seemed to fit. After all her mom Maiah definitely has “Princess” tendencies and her 8-year old cousin Demi is a “self-proclaimed”Princess 😌

Could we be Royals?

“Princess Demi” with Penny, The Royal Pup

Penny has (3) car seats, one for each vehicle. The thought of interchanging was never an option. Penny has more coats than all three of us put together thanks to her Uncle Darryl who keeps her fashionably attired.

Is that a crown on his shirt?

I’ve lost count on the number of beds not to mention the mountains of toys?! Penny has a carriage (aka stroller) and her monthly food costs are just shy of a multi-line Verizon unlimited cell phone plan?!

She won First Place in PETCO’s Halloween Pet Contest (2018) and has appeared on the TODAY Show (2020). How many local pets do you know that have such a portfolio at age 3?

And the Winner is…
Penny with her “Humans”
As seen on the TODAY Show 10.31.2020

You would think Penny would be a snooty little something but she is the sweetest little pup! Shy and bashful yet full of energy and spunk. She loves to cuddle and be the center of attention. She likes to be picked up and carried around so she can see everything on high.

I made her this bed from boxes and duct tape. The crown light was purchased years back as a prop for when I sold light-up crowns outside Comerica Park in Detroit as a Vendor. Who knew it would end up being the perfect headboard for a Royal Pup?

The Royal Pup Bed, One of many

Penny lives with her mom, Maiah. We’re Grammy and Grand-Paw to her (like she can say our names, right!). Since 2020 with the onset of COVID-19 we’ve spent more time together than we otherwise would have. Maiah and Penny come over for “Grill Day” and afterwards we walk to the neighborhood park and compete at hitting golf balls at a designated tree while Penny (literally) picks and chooses which one of us to throw her favorite toy. Penny loves Grill Day. It’s her favorite holiday.

Well enough about Penny. I’ve pretty much sized her up in a nutshell. Hope you enjoyed meeting her. 🤗

Disclaimer: I had no intention of writing a post about Penny. It just happened. I just sat down at the computer and started typing and these are the words that appeared on the screen. Who knows what my next post will be about. I never know. 🙃

Hope you’ll…stay tuned! -Cheryl