Princess Demi’s Royal Visit

I had the honor of hosting an overnight visit for my eight-year-old niece and self-proclaimed Princess, Demi.

We decided early on that Maiah’s 2nd bedroom would be the easiest to tackle. So we adorned it with lots of greenery and curtain lights, and fashioned the headboard with a Unicorn Wall Sticker. Surprisingly, these handful of additions “magically” transformed the space into a room “fit for a Princess.” 🥰

The Royal Bedroom unveiled…

The night before I created the Brand. Princess Demi clothing , pillow cases, towels, wash cloths, slippers, foot massager, and more!

Princess Demi was amazed! She said, “People can buy MY clothing? “Where did you buy these?!

I chuckled to myself. She actually believed Princess Demi clothing existed!? That’s exactly what I wanted her to think – mission accomplished!

I did however tell her that I had made them especially for her, but that she COULD have her own clothing just like her idols JOJO and Ryan!

The real Princess Demi in her
Princess Demi Clothing
Princess Demi Slippers, Foot Massager and other “Princess Demi” Stuff.

Next came the fun!

We painted nails…
…and did our toes!
Maiah did her nails…
…and toes too!
We steamed and masked our face.
We took silly pictures using photo props!

We read books about Unicorns…

…and relaxed!
We hope Princess Demi enjoyed
her Princess stay. We sure did. 🤗

The End.

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