Make Dad a Tiger Paw Scratcher on Juneteenth this Father’s Day!

Tiger Paw Scratcher

This is one of my original craft ideas.

I did not see it see in a book. I did not find it in a magazine. I did not discover it in a craft store, nor on Television, the Internet or Online.

It came from my Imagination.

For years I saw what everyone else did; a piece of wood that could reach areas of your back that your arms could not. Anyone who has ever had their back itch can certainly appreciate a Back Scratcher.

This particular day I was looking to create something for the thousands of Tiger fans who passed by my vendor spot outside Comerica Park. I had been scouring the isles of a Dollar Store for inspiration when…

I saw them?!

But they didn’t look like back scratchers to me – they looked like PAWS!

From that moment on I never looked at a back scratcher the same way again. My newest brainchild was born! 🤗

Let’s celebrate Juneteenth by creating something special for Dad!

Join me on Zoom, tomorrow, Saturday, Juneteenth (6/19) at 10 AM to create your own Tiger Paw Scratcher.

The first (19) participants to respond will receive a free Tiger Paw Back Scratcher Kit (sorry, local pickup only).

Send an email to

Include in the subject line, I WANNA MAKE A TIGER PAW!

Missed out on the free kit?

No worries. Stop by your local craft or dollar store and grab the supplies listed below and join us on Zoom to make it.


  • Back scratcher
  • Black acrylic paint
  • White acrylic paint
  • Black permanent marker
  • Hot Glue Gun (optional)
  • Sand paper (optional)
  • Q-Tips
  • Cotton Ball

Once I receive your email, I will forward Zoom details. -Cheryl 🤗

Got a Lamp Post?

Remember these?

Back in the day they were a thing. Homeowners had them installed to illuminate their front yard. I guess they were the precursor to today’s solar and dawn to dusk lighting.

We have one.

It used to light up our walkway but once it stopped working it was just there. We never gave it a second thought. That is until COVID…

COVID changed a-lot of things including how I viewed my lamp post. Suddenly our useless lamp post became a fun and useful member of our household.

First as a Balloon Vendor for Halloween. Then again at Christmas as a directional sign and pedestal.

Lamp Post as a Balloon Vendor
Lamp Post as an Angel and Directional Sign

All this came about as a result of me being home due to COVID-19. Much like the box that “started to look like an oven to me” our lamp post took on a whole new persona.

I have an idea for Spring and Summer this year. Any guesses?

You’ll have to stay tuned to see. 🤔

Make this unique Planter for Mom this Mother’s Day!

Inflatable Flip Flops

Supplies needed:

A pair of old jeans; a flower pot that fits inside the jeans; a live or fake plant newspaper, bubble packaging or anything else to stuff the legs; a pair of boots or shoes. I just happened to have these flip flops on hand. 😌


Stuff jean legs with stuffing materials and sit flower pot (with plant inside) into jeans. Lastly put on your shoes of choice!

I used a faux plant and bubble packaging from my many Amazon deliveries!? Mine is sitting in my front lawn. I wonder what the toes on the flip flops would look like painted? 🧐

Want the Flip Flops? Purchase them here or comment to be entered to win a pair. Good Luck!

Shipping only available in the US (sorry!)

An easy April Fools Day Prank

This idea came to me while eating a bag of chips towards the end of March in 2018. It is actually a re-post from beyond the

All you’ll need is an empty chip bag, a few sheets of paper, a glue stick and an unsuspecting victim. 🧐

1. Crumble up some paper
2. Stuff the bag with the paper.
3. Glue the bag shut and wait…
…for an unsuspecting VICTIM! 🤣

Be sure to have a real bag of chips on hand – Happy April Fools Day! -Cheryl 😌

Princess Demi’s Royal Visit

I had the honor of hosting an overnight visit for my eight-year-old niece and self-proclaimed Princess, Demi.

We decided early on that Maiah’s 2nd bedroom would be the easiest to tackle. So we adorned it with lots of greenery and curtain lights, and fashioned the headboard with a Unicorn Wall Sticker. Surprisingly, these handful of additions “magically” transformed the space into a room “fit for a Princess.” 🥰

The Royal Bedroom unveiled…

The night before I created the Brand. Princess Demi clothing , pillow cases, towels, wash cloths, slippers, foot massager, and more!

Princess Demi was amazed! She said, “People can buy MY clothing? “Where did you buy these?!

I chuckled to myself. She actually believed Princess Demi clothing existed!? That’s exactly what I wanted her to think – mission accomplished!

I did however tell her that I had made them especially for her, but that she COULD have her own clothing just like her idols JOJO and Ryan!

The real Princess Demi in her
Princess Demi Clothing
Princess Demi Slippers, Foot Massager and other “Princess Demi” Stuff.

Next came the fun!

We painted nails…
…and did our toes!
Maiah did her nails…
…and toes too!
We steamed and masked our face.
We took silly pictures using photo props!

We read books about Unicorns…

…and relaxed!
We hope Princess Demi enjoyed
her Princess stay. We sure did. 🤗

The End.