Got a Lamp Post?

Remember these?

Back in the day they were a thing. Homeowners had them installed to illuminate their front yard. I guess they were the precursor to today’s solar and dawn to dusk lighting.

We have one.

It used to light up our walkway but once it stopped working it was just there. We never gave it a second thought. That is until COVID…

COVID changed a-lot of things including how I viewed my lamp post. Suddenly our useless lamp post became a fun and useful member of our household.

First as a Balloon Vendor for Halloween. Then again at Christmas as a directional sign and pedestal.

Lamp Post as a Balloon Vendor
Lamp Post as an Angel and Directional Sign

All this came about as a result of me being home due to COVID-19. Much like the box that “started to look like an oven to me” our lamp post took on a whole new persona.

I have an idea for Spring and Summer this year. Any guesses?

You’ll have to stay tuned to see. 🤔


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